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Karl Georg Schobert
Prä­zi­sions-Mess­zeug GmbH
Am Gru­ben­teich 3
63743 Aschaffenburg

Tel: 0049 (0)6021–31092‑0
Fax: 0049 (0)6021–31092-22

Ma­na­ging Directors:
Mi­chael Schobert
Ha­rald Orth

Com­pany Re­gister kept by the Amts­ge­richt Aschaf­fen­burg (Dis­trict Court)
Re­gis­tra­tion number: HRB 4407
VAT iden­ti­fi­ca­tion number: DE 132090540

Any agree­ment with our com­pany shall be ex­clu­si­vely go­verned by the ap­pli­cable legal pro­vi­sions and our Ge­neral Terms and Con­di­tions of Sale and De­li­very (Last up­date: Fe­bruary 2007) which are available from this web­site to down­load and print.

Sta­tu­tory data pro­tec­tion officer

We have ap­pointed a data pro­tec­tion of­ficer for our company.

Ben­jamin Sartoris
Sar­toris GmbH & Co. KG
Beet­ho­ven­straße 1
63791 Karlstein


Te­le­phone: 06188/990436

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is a re­gis­tered trade mark and
brand logo of the company:

Karl Georg Schobert
Prä­zi­sions-Mess­zeug GmbH
Am Gru­ben­teich 3
63743 Aschaffenburg
re­gis­tered with German Pa­tent Office
on Fe­bruary 15, 1980
Pa­tent-Nummer: 997863

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